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Rubedo, the bungling alchemist’s cat, spilled the potion of invisibility on the library books . Hundred of words vanished at once! Help it rewrite the damaged pages before his master realizes what happened!

Rubedo is a game that will test your ability to predict the future, for you will be asked to guess what words are missing in a damaged text. Every time you try to guess (scientists would say “infer”) a word, or fill in the blanks correctly, you will be bound to review your strategy. By participating to this experiment, you will help to measure the complexity of our language and, more generally, the complexity of any sequence of characters, in a quantitative way- Complexity is closely related to the notion of surprise, because the amount of surprise you feel when a word occurs is bigger when it is less common or completely unexpected. Your task may be made easier by context, because context generally reduces the number of probabilities. But we know that great writers always succeed in astonishing us with unexpected twists. Will you be able to keep up? And what about trying to guess what past events occurred that brought us to this present? Would you find this challenge tougher than the others? Future and past, prediction and surprise, are cleverly mixed in Rubedo. Do not miss the opportunity to play!